Model-Driven Documentation, The art of authoring model-driven documentation

Post date: Mar 1, 2011 10:26:41 AM

Philippe Desfray, "Model-Driven Documentation, The art of authoring model-driven documentation", ECMDA 2009, Fourth Workshop “From code centric to model centric software engineering: Practices, Implications and ROI”, Twente, Netherlands, June 2009 (download)

Abstract: MDA can provide great services to document model driven applications. However, we need to define how to use it and what the nature of a good documentation is. Producing documentation is a specific matter that differs from code generation issues: its nature is flexible, not « formatted » as code generation and there are no clear criteria to determine what a good documentation is and to check it. Here is the essence of the problem: it is very hard within existing software developments to find good documentations and to define what the quality criteria exactly are. This paper describes the documentation problems, provides rules for producing good documentations and details mechanisms that MDA technologies shall provide in order to support effective documentation generation.

Keywords: Model Driven Documentation. MDA. Methodologies and MDA. Model to Text. Document template.