Starting 2 Embedded Systems Projects with Modelio

Post date: May 3, 2010 1:04:39 PM

We are proud to announce that European Commission granted SOFTEAM with a substantial funding for participation in 2 research projects in the Embedded Systems area.

ENOSYS and MADES projects started in the beginning of 2010 and both deal with advanced MDA technologies for co-design of Embedded Systems.

While ENOSYS concentrates on the Systems-on-Chip area only, the MADES project is more generic and concerns systems co-design in avionics. In both projects SOFTEAM will investigate the applicability of MARTE UML Profile in combination with SysML and R&D technologies for the embedded systems domain. Projects will deal with models of different granularity and conceptual levels. They will develop methodologies, model transformations and code generation methods for various platforms. The results will be validated in telecom and avionic domains.

The Modelio CASE Tool by SOFTEAM was chosen as the main modelling solution in the both projects.

Today, SOFTEAM RD Team is working hard on a comprehensive implementation of the MARTE UML2 Profile and its adaptation for the project requirements.