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CROSSMINER final review in Brussels

Our CPSwarm workbench walkthrough is ready!

Projet Databio - Communiqué de presse - 7 Août 2018

DataBio project – Press release

Modelio Tool for collaborative CPSs at the CPSwarm meeting in Klagenfurt

New post. Java software engineer in Reaserch team

CPSwarm EU-Horizon2020 project

Softeam at the CROSSMINER Kick-off in Brussels

Long life to Q-RAPIDS!

Half-day demo/workshop INTO-CPS on 21 Novembre 2016 14h -17h

We are hiring Research Engineer (PostDoc): Java Programming, Internet (Big Data or Cloud)

We are hiring Research Engineer (PostDoc): Java Programming, System Engineering, Cyber-physical systems

EUROSTARS E10685 - MODELS Project Kick-off!

3 Research Engineer Positions at SOFTEAM Cadextan, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.

MEASURE Training day in Paris

MONDO Pleniary meeting in Madrid

3rd Workshop on Challenges and New Approaches for Dependable and Cyber-Physical System Engineering (De-CPS 2016)!

JUNIPER final review in Luxembourg

MEASURE French team had its kick-off meeting in Paris on January 14-15 at SofteamCadextan!!

Softeam R&D co-organize the 3rd International Workshop on Measurement and Metrics for Green and Sustainable Software Systems (MeGSuS’16)!

Models for Big data stream processing

R&D team in Paris Open Source Summit

Softeam hosts JUNIPER plenary meeting in Paris

MODAClouds plenary meeting in Bergamo / Italy

JUNIPER Plenary meeting in Heidelberg/Germany

SOFTEAM R&D team is organizing MeGSuS 2015 !!

SOFTEAM hosting MONDO Meeting in Paris on June 22nd and 23rd!

Great Modelio and INTO-CPS Project exibition at the OMG Berlin meeting!! AM

Final OSSMETER meeting

JUNIPER Plenary meeting in Freising/Germany

OMG UTP Working Group meeting @ Softeam in Paris on April 23rd and 24th

ECSEL Consortium Building Event in Brussels

MODAClouds plenary meeting in Paris

M24 Review for JUNIPER

UTP Meeting at Zürich

MODAClouds M24 Review in Milan

R&D Team at CSDM14

JUNIPER Plenary meeting in York

MODAClouds plenary meeting in Timisoara

Double tutorial on cloud modelling tools

Softeam R&D Team @ ICT Proposers' Day 2014 in Florence

OMG UML Testing Profile 2 Working Group Meeting in Paris!

MODAClouds Integration Workshop in Milan

JUNIPER Plenary meeting in Brno

MODAClouds Plenary Meeting in Vienna

JUNIPER Plenary Meeting in Karlsruhe

MODAClouds Advisory Board Meeting and Multiclouds session on the CLOSER conference in Barcelona

JUNIPER M12 review in Luxembourg

MODAClouds Plenary Meeting in Tenerife

JUNIPER Plenary Meeting in Pisa

OSSMETER @ ICT 2013 "Open source Software: Peeking Backstage" Exhibition in Vilnius!

MODAClouds plenary meeting in West University of Timisoara

Modelio as a Service in the MICAS Workshop

R&D Team in Montpellier for PMDE/MBSPDTI Workshop

Journée MDDay au LIP6/UPMC

R&D Team in Berlin for OMG Technical Meeting

JUNIPER meeting in Paris

ModaClouds in Oslo

Registration and Final Program of Industrial Track of 7th IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges In Information Science (RCIS 2013)

Book on #Embedded and modeling with #SysML and #MARTE

ENOSYS and MADES at EmbeddedWorld2013 in Nuremberg

PRESTO Meeting in Oulu

OSSMETER meeting in Lisbon

JUNIPER meeting in Stuttgart


REMICS meeting in Paris

FITTEST Meeting on Combinatorial Testing techniques @Softeam

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

JUNIPER project was kicked-off

Softeam team is leading the FITTEST organization of the RCIS 2013 Industrial Day!

REMICS review went succesfully

SOFTEAM team at the 2nd FITTEST Project Review in Brussels

Internet of Services Collaboration Meeting

OSSMETER kick-off — Oct 26, 2012 9:54:23 AM

Best-paper award for MADES related paper

ModaClouds kick-off

MADES project has been successfully finished

From ICT Proposers' day 2012 in Warsaw.

Tools has moved to the forge at

Softeam R&D and University College London collaborating for FITTEST EU project

Modelio goes open source, check

MARTE Designer is available as open source!

Softeam posted a demonstration of REMICS project for Service Wave 2011

SysML designer open source release

Check presentation of our paper on SoaML for Enterprise IT Systems

Open source UML Testing Profile module for Modelio FREE released

REMICS and FITTEST FP7 projects started

SoaML in Modelio at CEE-SECR 2010, Moscow, October 2010

SoaML To XSD, WSDL and BPEL with SoaML Engine Open Source for Modelio 1.2

SoaML Designer Open Source for Modelio 1.2

MARTE Designer alfa release

SoaML Tutorial Download

SoaML Designer release candidate is available

SHAPE Toolsuite is available for download

SoaML Tutorial at ECMFA, June 16, 2010, Paris, France

Starting 2 Embedded Systems Projects with Modelio

CFP: MDA4ServiceCloud2010

Happy New 2010 Year!!!

New Articles and Presentations from ECMDA 2009

Meet the team presenting Modelio at ECMDA 2009

SoaML prototype v2

SPEM Enactment Demo

Automated Model Driven Development Processes



SOAML UML2 Profile Proto

SPEM Modeller

XSM Editor Prototype

SOAML UML2 Profile Proto

Try Demos!


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