SysML Module for Modelio Open Source v4.1.0

SOFTEAM released the SysML extension module as an open source extension for the Modelio 4.1.

Modules are the means of defining, implementing and deploying extensions for Modelio. They can be seen as the equivalent of extensions for Firefox.

They are used to extend and adapt Modelio Modeler by providing additional functionalities and services that meet your specific needs.

The current repository contains source code of several open source modules provided with Modelio.

Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is the first UML standard for system engineering proposed by Object Management Group (OMG) that aims at describing complex systems.

SYSML allows describing of the traceability requirements, and provides means to express the behavior and composition of the system blocks. This profile also provides system designers with parametric formalisms which are used to express analytical models based on equations.

Release of Java Designer, Togaf Architect and SysML extensions for Modelio 4.1 are available at:

Modelio Open Source is available at and can be downloaded at