MADES (FP7-ICT-2009-4)

Post date: Apr 6, 2011 2:40:40 PM

Project Description: MADES aims to develop a holistic, model-driven approach to improve the current practice in the development of embedded systems. The proposed approach covers all phases, from design to code generation and deployment.

Design activities will exploit a dedicated language developed as an extension to OMG's MARTE Profile intended to eventually become industry standards, and will foster the reuse of components proposing special means on components sharing including associated models, properties and constraints in order to enforce overall consistency when building a new system.

Validation activities play a key role and will include the verification of key properties on designed artefacts, closed-loop simulation based on detailed models of the environment, and the verification of designed transformations.

Code generation addresses both hardware description languages and conventional programming languages with features for compile-time virtualisation of common hardware architecture features, including accelerators, memory, multiprocessor and inter-processor communication channels, to cope with the fact that hardware platforms are getting more and more complex.

SOFTEAM Role: Technical Coordinator, Technology Provider

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