Post date: Apr 6, 2011 2:29:41 PM

Project Description: MODELPLEX has three major objectives:

    • Objective A: Develop an open solution for complex systems engineering improving quality and productivity;

    • Objective B: Lead its industrialisation;

    • Objective C: Ensure its successful adoption by the industry.

Model-driven engineering (MDE) is an approach to Software Engineering that has proven benefits of cost reduction and quality improvement. Although Models can indeed provide the necessary abstractions that enable human comprehension, communication, simulation and analysis, and synthesis of implementation artefacts which is key for complex systems engineering, applicability still remains a challenge. MODELPLEX will define and develop a coherent infrastructure specifically for the application of MDE to the development and subsequent management of complex systems within a variety of industrial domains. MODELPLEX will use established MODELWARE technologies as a basis for providing an enhanced MDE approach. MODELPLEX will be driven by Industrial Use Cases ensuring the applicability and the integration of the different technologies produced by the academics and industrial partners.

SOFTEAM Role: Technology Provider, Task Leader

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