MADES project has been successfully finished

Post date: Oct 1, 2012 1:00:35 PM

On Friday September 28, we had the final review of the MADES project.

EC and reviewers highly commended our work in this project. From our perspective, it was definitely a success.

SOFTEAM obtained several quite tangible results:

    • SysML and MARTE tools for Modelio has been validated by industrial users. We gathered important feedback and endorsement.

    • As the result, EADS is putting Modelio on their new project. University of York will use Modelio for further research.

    • There were a lot of good work with all the MADES team members. They are all eager to continue.

    • We hired a colleague from MADES project.

We will miss our MADES friends, but not for long time. We'll meet most of them in our future ventures such as Juniper and OSSMETER.