PRESTO (ARTEMIS-2010-1-269362)

Post date: Jan 27, 2012 4:05:27 PM

Project Description: Due to continuous evolution in the industrial process developments of real time and embedded systems, new challenges have risen in their design and development. Constraints such as related to limited resources and effective allocations of application functionalities on execution platforms are some of the issues that need to be carefully addressed, as early as possible, during the design stages. A high level model-driven methodology thus seems effective as it provides solutions to respond to these design challenges at initial development phases, while reducing development costs and decreasing time to market.

The PRESTO project inspires from these aspects and proposes a complete tools set integrating test traces exploitation, platform models and design space exploration techniques to provide design-time functional and performance analysis; along with platform optimization. Particular attention has been given to industrial development constraints such as reducing the costs of increased design time and expertise. We aim for simple-to-use tools which can be smoothly integrated into current design process based on a variety of different process methodologies, design languages and integration test frameworks. Analysis results are validated by comparison with real platform results, and platform modeling for fast prototyping can be continuously improved from these comparisons. In addition to the OMG MARTE profile, aspects of domain specific languages such as SDL, EAST-ADL2 and AADL are used in the PRESTO project.

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