Automated Model Driven Development Processes

Post date: Mar 1, 2011 9:33:18 AM

Aitor Aldazabal, Terry Baily, Felix Nanclares, Andrey Sadovykh, Christian Hein and Tom Ritter, "Automated Model Driven Development Processes", ECMDA 2008 - Tools & Process Integration Workshop, Berlin, June 2008 (download)

Abstract: Software developments of large scale systems require well organized process structures for a proper and smooth execution. A number of frameworks already exist for outlining and defining processes and their workflows and work break down structures. The different activities which compose these processes need to be executed in an organized fashion, each activity having work products as inputs and outputs. In that sense the individual activities can be considered as services which need to be executed. Considering the whole development life cycle of software development of complex systems there are lots of services which have to be called in an orchestrated way to successfully create a software system in the end. This paper describes a novel integration of a process definition framework, which is used to define and to enact development processes, an orchestration tool, which allows the definition and execution of service compositions, and ModelBus, a service oriented middleware connecting model-based development tools and the services they offer. This integration provides major benefits in particular for medium-sized and large-sized development teams. The paper describes the general architecture of the solution as well as the individual benefits.

Keywords: Process Enactment, Automation, Tool Integration, Modeling Services