Artificial Intelligence for Digital Automation (AIDA):

Project Description: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Automation (AIDA) is a research project seeking to promote the dissemination of artificial intelligence techniques in companies by proposing a methodology and tools facilitating the integration of automatic decision-making tools into business processes. Funded by BPI France[1], the AIDA project, which began in early 2020 for a period of 4 years, involved partners belonging to both the academic world and the industrial world. On the academic side, Central Supelec[2], ENS Paris Saclay[3] and the CEA[4]. From the industrial side, IBM France[5], DecisionBrain[6], Softeam[7] and STET[8]. The approach proposed by the project is to develop, for each operational function, Intelligent Operational Agents who integrate the relevant Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. An Intelligent Operational Agent (AOI) can be seen as a virtual employee of the business operational in charge of the function: the operational business pilots, controls and manages its Intelligent Operational Agents, and these assist it by offering recommendations, or even by automating all or part of its tasks, thus freeing it up time to devote itself to activities at highest added value (intellectual, in particular).









SOFTEAM Role: Technology Provider, Work Package Leader, Leader of the model-based organizational transformation methodology considering the latest developments in artificial intelligence domain.

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