CFP: MDA4ServiceCloud2010

Post date: Apr 1, 2010 2:54:52 PM


4th Workshop on Modeling, Design, and Analysis for the Service Cloud


in conjunction with

6th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications

(ECMFA 2010)

Paris, France

June 15, 2010

Deadline for submissions: April 6, 2010

A new paradigm - service-orientation - is currently emerging for

distributed computing and e-business processing. This new paradigm

utilizes services as fundamental elements for developing

applications/solutions; services will be important for customers and

not the specific software or hardware component that is used to

implement the services. In this context, services become the next

level of abstraction in the process of creating systems that would

enable automation of e-businesses. This paradigm shift is changing the

way the computer software is developed and used (designed,

architected, delivered, consumed, and analysed), and this way of

reorganizing software applications into a set of interacting services

is usually referred to as Service-oriented Architectures (SOA). The

underlying infrastructure that allows such efficient service

provisioning is referred to as the Service Cloud. Cloud services are

accessed over the Internet via user-friendly web interfaces, are

location agnostic, can be hosted through third party service providers

and can be quick to improve based on real-time customer feedback.

In this context, this workshop aims to tackle the research problems

using a Model Driven Engineering approach (as well as practical

experiences) around methods, concepts, models, languages and

technology that enable computing in the service cloud.


* the relationship between SOA, Grid, Cloud computing and the service cloud

* case studies for the service cloud

analysis methodologies for service-oriented systems in the service cloud

* migration of legacy applications to SOA and the service cloud

* languages for service-oriented systems in the service cloud

* modeling and simulation of the service cloud

verification, validation, and evaluation of the service cloud

* MDA (OMG Model Driven Architecture) for service-oriented systems in the service cloud

* patterns in modelling, design, and analysis for service-oriented systems

* best practices and guidelines for developing the service cloud

* semantic aspects and ontologies for the service cloud

* quality of services (QoS) analysis and modelling in the service cloud

* services level agreements (SLAs) modelling and negotiation in the service cloud

* analysis and modelling of security, privacy, and trust in the service cloud

* policy-based service-oriented systems in the service cloud

* methods for migrating legacy systems to the service cloud

* service lifecycle management and infrastructure lifecycle managing for the service cloud

* service discovery, composition, execution, monitoring, and mediation in service-oriented environments

* adaptability and recovery strategies in the service cloud

* models for governance in the service cloud

* standards for modeling, specification, design and analysis of the service cloud

* tools, environments and factories for modelling, design and analysis of service-oriented systems in the service cloud