SOFTEAM hosting MONDO Meeting in Paris on June 22nd and 23rd!

Post date: Jul 1, 2015 8:15:59 AM

Our R&D team was very proud to host the MONDO Project meeting in Paris last June 22nd and 23rd, we had great discussions on the project Heterogeneous Model Management Framework and Platform Integration. We met a leading team of partners with a long track record in performing internationally-leading research on software modelling and MDE, and delivering research results in the form of robust, widely-used and sustainable open-source software, with industrial partners active in the fields of reverse engineering and systems integration, and a global industry consortium including more than 400 organisations from all sectors of IT.

Achieving scalability in modelling and MDE involves being able to construct large models and domain specific languages in a systematic manner, enabling teams of modellers to construct and refine large models in a collaborative manner, advancing the state-of-the-art in model querying and transformations tools so that they can cope with large models (of the scale of millions of model elements), and providing an infrastructure for efficient storage, indexing and retrieval of large models.

In the picture below the team working discussions on scalable modelling and model management on the cloud!

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