MONDO (FP7-ICT-2013-10)

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 9:15:39 AM

Project Description: As Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is increasingly applied to larger and more complex systems, the current generation of modelling and model management technologies are being pushed to their limits in terms of capacity and efficiency, and as such, additional research is imperative in order to enable MDE to remain relevant with industrial practice and continue delivering its widely recognised productivity, quality, and maintainability benefits. The aim of MONDO (Scalable Modelling and Model Management on the Cloud) is to tackle the increasingly important challenge of scalability in MDE in a comprehensive manner. Achieving scalability in modelling and MDE involves being able to construct large models and domain specific languages in a systematic manner, enabling teams of modellers to construct and refine large models in a collaborative manner, advancing the state-of-the-art in model querying and transformations tools so that they can cope with large models (of the scale of millions of model elements), and providing an infrastructure for efficient storage, indexing and retrieval of large models. To address these challenges, MONDO brings together partners with a long track record in performing internationally-leading research on software modelling and MDE, and delivering research results in the form of robust, widely-used and sustainable open-source software, with industrial partners active in the fields of reverse engineering and systems integration, and a global consortium including more than 400 organisations from all sectors of IT.

SOFTEAM's Role: Modelling Tool Use Case Leader

    • SOFTEAM will specify industrial Use Cases that represent the needs within the modeling tools domain, which will form the basis for the development and prioritisation of industrial user requirements that will drive the project development and form the basis for evaluations of the project.

    • SOFTEAM will lead the Modelling Tool Use Case to evaluate the MONDO technologies within the Modelio modeling tool for supporting large and complex models and large collaborating teams. SOFTEAM will implement a modeling tool demonstrator and document the experiences gained and the improvements achieved from applying MONDO technologies within the context of Modelio’s professional modelling and development activities.

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