Post date: Nov 9, 2012 5:36:18 PM

SOFTEAM has become an official submitter of the Essence proposal for the FACESEM RFP.

We hope all the best for the Essence and fully support the submission team lead by Brian Elvesater from SINTEF featuring Ivar Jacobson from the SEMAT team.

More on this initiative:

The objective of the RFP ( is to obtain a foundation for the agile creation and enactment of software engineering methods by development practitioners themselves.

This foundation is to consist of a kernel of software engineering domain concepts and relationships that is extensible (scalable), flexible and easy to use, and a domain-specific modeling language that allows developers to describe the essentials of their current and future practices and methods.

These practices and methods can then be supported by tools based on this common foundation, and they can further be composed, simulated, applied, compared, enacted, tailored, used, adapted, evaluated and measured by practitioners as well as taught and researched by academic and research communities.