Full SoaML tutorial - BPMN, SoaML, BPEL transformation


The SoaML tutorial presents the SoaML language, the methodology developed in the SHAPE project and Modelio SoaML Designer. The SoaML specification is illustrated with Discount Voyages case study and webcast demonstrations of the hands-on session.The tutorial was given at ECMFA 2010 in Paris on the 16th of June 2010.

During the tutorial the following topics were addressed:

    • SoaML and BPMN languages.

    • SoaML Methodology: Business Architecture, System Architecture.

    • Modelio SoaML Designer demonstration and hands-on with Discount Voyages case study.

    • SHAPE Project extensions for Flexible Business Models, Semantic Web-Services and Multi-Agent Systems.

  • The tutorial full slide set is available using this download link.

Discount Voyages case study model.

Note: The tutorial model is compatible with Modelio Enterprise Edition only.

The Discount Voyages Tutorial model is available using this download link.

For information on how to import the tutorial model into Modelio, please run this demo.

Discount Voyages model hands-on

The following demo set presents the details on the Discount Voyage model:

  1. Analysis Model (Business Model) : Dictionary, Goals, Business Rules, Requirements

  2. SoaML Business Architecture

  3. SoaML System Architecture

  4. Web Services Implementation in BPEL

Business Architecture modelling hands-on

System Architecture modelling hands-on

The resulting Discount Voyage case study model.

The resulting model for Discount Voyages case study is available using this download link.