Demonstrator Case Study for Modelio Systems Architect Solution

Post date: May 3, 2013 2:49:40 PM

Description: This case study gives a brief summary of the Modelio Systems Architect Solution. The case study illustrates the utilization of both SysML and MARTE profiles in the context of automotive domain, and more specifically related to the system specification of a BMW sedan that has a dedicated module for detecting and avoiding collisions with incoming objects: such as incoming vehicles on the road or pedestrians crossing the crosswalks.

An initial version of this case study has been developed and used as a guiding example in the case of the EU FP7 MADES project. The example inspires from the latest MARTE 1.1 and SysML 1.3 specifications. Additionally, details regarding the BMW specifications such as those related to performance have been integrated in the case study from online automobile catalogs, such as found here.

Detailed information about the case study can be found here.