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Facility in Complex System Modernization, a Case Study of CRM Modernization

posted Mar 1, 2011, 2:01 AM by Andrey Sadovykh   [ updated Mar 1, 2011, 2:03 AM ]
Etienne Brosse and Andrey Sadovykh, "Facility in Complex System Modernization, a Case Study of CRM Modernization", ECMDA 2008 - Modernization Workshop, Berlin, June 2008 (download)

Abstract: The complex systems modernization problem concerns many business domains and in particular CRM. This topic is especially challenging due to the lack of an appropriate modernisation methodology and corresponding tooling. OMG ADM proposes a model-driven concept for system modernization. We advocate for the XIRUP methodology based on OMG ADM, which in addition proposed several tools. One of these tools for XIRUP system model editing and analysis is presented in this article and illustrated with a Travel Agency CRM example. Finally, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the current approach.

Keywords: ADM, OCL, UML2 Profile, XIRUP, DSM, CRM, MOMOCS.